Interview with Pamela López, Programming Director at GAM


Pamela is the director of programming and audiences of the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM) and here she gives us her vision on the importance of a collaboration between an international event like WPIC and one of the most relevant cultural spaces in Chile.

Why is it important for GAM to host WPIC Chile; besides having the role of our sponsor for funding applications?

WPIC Chile is a project that in the first place is related to visualize the work of women in performing arts, female dramaturgy, but in particular also with a relevant part of our national theatrical heritage, I mean this is an organization that in 2018 will celebrate 30 years of its foundation, of that first encounter between playwrights where Isidora Aguirre also participated.

GAM is also in a relevant action plan in the field of internationalization, and from that perspective, this type of instances – that bring together theatrical specialists from different countries of the world – are a valuable instance to show what our Cultural Center is as well. To expand our international networks is something with which we certainly agree as a work purpose.

More than been your representatives for the funds, we feel fortunate to be able to welcome this initiative.

How does an event related with Gender Subjects fits in GAM’s programming?

GAM has a programming line dedicated to gender. I am not only talking about our line for scenic art shows, but also through the area of intervention. We are involved with projects that protect and encourage the rights of certain groups in the society. If we can do it through initiatives that can also put the cultural activity as a mechanism for debate and reflection, it is even better for us.

From your role’s perspective, what can you say about the work of female artists in the context of chilean and latin american scenic arts?

It is a challenge without a doubt, the work of women in the world of performing arts goes beyond the specificity of Playwriting and it also contemplates those professionals who work in management, production, as artists, designers, theater  technicians, directors, etc. This are works that are socially more related to be executed by man and I think this type of events can help to change realities.

There was a study on gender that was launched last year in Chile, a research, where the data showed the problems in the inequality of salaries, the challenges of motherhood for those who want to have a family, anyway. In Latin America we have been able to discuss these issues with artists and cultural   managers, we realize a reality in which we can contribute from our spaces, with our voices. But, without a doubt, we don’t have enough spaces for conversation and reflection.

I applaud initiatives in Chile such as “Lapiz de mina” Festival, for example, which has been key in our  country to showcase the work of female playwriting, or sometimes realize that there are many female leaders in groups or guilds.  All this contributes to the construction of a more equal context.  

Pamela López Rodríguez is an actress graduated from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Thanks to the support of Becas Chile and a Fulbright scholarship she attended the M.A in Arts Administration at Columbia University, New York. She was part of the founders of the website  (2007 – 2009) an online theatre billboard, and she is also a researcher in the fields of theatre and management.  Between 2014 and 2016 she served as the Executive Director at Teatro Universidad Católica. She is currently professor of art management courses at the same university and Programming Director at Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM).

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