Where and when will the WPIC Chile be held?

In Santiago , Chile. Between October 7 and 12, 2018.

How can I confirm my participation?
Where and how are accreditations carried out?

The confirmation of participation is made through the payment of an accreditation fee through our website.

Payment is made online, with credit card.


*Por motivos de funcionamiento el dinero será recaudado a través de una cuenta personal. Realizado el pago enviaremos una factura a la brevedad.

Who can be accredited for WPIC Chile 2018?

All the playwrights selected for the different activities of the conference.

Women related to the art world or similar, who want to participate.

Why is it necessary to pay an accreditation fee?

WPI is a non-profit organization, therefore it does not have fundings of any kind for its activities.

The people working for the organization of each conference, and those in the directory, do not receive any kind of payment for their work.

For this reason, in order to finance some aspects of the conference such as external services, and other organizational expenses, we have the obligation of soliciting the payment of an accreditation fee. In other words, this event is funded by everyone.

What are the deadlines for accreditation?

The playwrights selected for readings and workshops must be accredited before June 30 (since we need to confirm the timetable and organize the activities).

The rest of the participants can be accredited until September 1st.

How much is the accreditation fee?

Chilean playwrights selected for lectures and workshops: no payment of accreditation fee.

Chilean or foreign residents in the country

$80 USD

Latin America

$100 USD


$200 USD

Europe, Asia, Oceania, USA and Canada

$250 USD

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