Round Tables

The round tables will be open to public.

Invitadas a mesas redondas:

Didanwy Kent Trejo (México), Coca Duarte (Chile), Maytté Lorenzo (Cuba), August Andong (Indonesia), Leyla Selman (Chile), Ana López Montaner (Chile), Mariana Percovich (Uruguay), Inés Margarita Stranger (Chile), Carla Zuñiga (Chile), Ana Fernández (España), Claudia Hidalgo (Chile), Paloma Vidal (Brasil), Isidora Stevenson (Chile), Amy Jepftha (Sudáfrica), Soledad Lagos (Chile),  Anna Kay France (U. Buffalo, Estados Unidos, fundadora de WPI), Flavia Radrigán (Chile), Lena Therese  (Noruega), Marcia Johnson (Canadá), María de la Luz Hurtado (Chile), Patricia Olwoch (Nigeria)

round table 1

In the frontier. Playwriting and territory.

It will consider the relation between the dramatic creation and territory. How the dramatic writing dialogues with phenomena such as exile (economic or political), the possible or impossible return, the post conflicts displacements, the refugee and economic crisis, living outside the place of birth. The dramatic writing in dialogue with memory spaces, country-city migrations, tensions in cultural, political and geographic frontiers.

Round Table 2

The body as the own room - Territory, politics and female body.

It includes a wide range of gender equality themes. It also includes LGBTQ themes:  Homosexuality, bisexuality, gender transitions and all possible sexuality forms. The intersection between woman’s body and public politics: the decisions about our own body (contraception, abort laws). Thoughts about why the female body is demanded by “others” such as publicity, religious commands, governments, medicine, etc.

Round Table 3

The Clash of Civilizations - Women playwrights and XXI century challenges.

It will be about the following questions: What new challenges must face the dramatic writing according to the place of women nowadays? How do we dialogue with the dramatic tradition? What is the limit between woman’s conflicts and propaganda? How to use tools such as criticism, demographic data, sarcasm, humor? Which is the space for women in theatre rooms? Which is the place of women directing theatres or university careers? And also reflections about the place of playwrights and authors confronted to new conservatisms, radicalisms and violence (religious, femicide, penalization of abortion, justice for personal issues, kidnapping and others).

Round Table 4

Stand up for your rights. The conquest of civil rights in women’s playwriting.

The history of civil movements, race issues, woman’s vote, revolutions and guerrillas, political leadership, the decades of 50’s and 60’s movements in southern hemisphere, women in Latin-American dictatorships that took place in the eighties and their civilian organizations (Plaza de Mayo Mothers, associations of wives of forced disappearances, and others) will be discussed. How these historical processes were reflected in the dramatic writing, how writing is emerging in relation to historical figures. The challenge of bringing the macro story to the particular scene.

Round Table 5

Great women playwright in Latin-America: Isidora Aguirre, Griselda Gambaro and others.

Using the exhibition of the documentary Isidora, the movie, about the Chilean playwright Isidora Aguirre, as a starting point, the discussion will expand into other important playwrights of the Latin-American region, who have developed an important work, such as Griselda Gambaro and others yet to be defined. The way they went beyond censorship and spoke out loud on countries under dictatorship. Thoughts on how these creative women could transform this into poetic motivations for their writing, and find their place on the tables of their countries and the continent.

Isidora, the movie is a documentary (90 mins.) that offers a subjective and intimate look to this author. The images include homemade films and archives that belonged to Isidora Aguirre, interviews done at her house, documents of her principal theatre plays, play readings with renowned actors as well as recreations of plays filmed with important Chilean actors.

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