WPIC Chile 2018: a cultural network that receives female playwrights from all over the world.

Three years ago, in Cape Town and in the middle of the conference activities, we met for the first time as a team to imagine and dream how it would be the realization of this meeting in our country.

We assumed a  big challenge, not only because of the importance and significance of WPIC, but also because we would be responsible for the first edition of this meeting in Latin America.

It seemed to us at that time, that if WPI came to our continent for the first time it was necessary to consider the conference as an open platform, where multiple cultural agents could mix; allowing to show the participants our cultural structure, but at the same time make this a space for exchange.

So, after hundreds of emails and a significant number of meetings, we were able to articulate a network of public and private spaces that will host the different programmed activities.


The activities of WPIC 2018 will take place in the heart of the city, in two of the most emblematic neighborhoods: Barrio Lastarria and Barrio Bellavista.

Connected by one of the green lungs of Santiago de Chile, the “forestal park”, both neighborhoods concentrate an important part of the cultural manifestations of the city, at the same time that they propose a varied gastronomic and hotel offer.

In addition, in these places are located important museums, art galleries and some of the most characteristic geographical landmarks of the capital: the San Cristóbal  hill and the Santa Lucia hill, from which you can get a privileged view.

And it is in the middle of these streets where are located the vast majority of the venues that will host WPIC Chile, which will allow participants to easily walk from one place to another.

Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, GAM

Cultural center focused on access to culture and audience formation. It  showcases artistic creations of theater, dance, classical and popular music, visual arts and popular art. It was created in September 2010 with the aim of becoming an artistic and cultural meeting space. It has 22 thousand square meters of surface  with ten rooms for presentation and rehearsal rooms for theater, dance and music, in addition to two halls for seminars, two rooms of visual arts and a recording studio. It has a library, BiblioGAM, which offers a multimedia collection and open reading and study rooms.

Centro Cultural Palacio de la Moneda

The foundation Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda is a private non-profit organization that aims to develop, study, disseminate, promote and preserve all forms of art, culture and education. Its Board, chaired by the Minister of Culture, is made up of nine members representing public and private institutions and people with many years’ experience in the cultural field.

Teatro Nacional Chileno TNCH

Centro de Extensión y Creación de carácter profesional dependiente de la Facultad de Artes de la Universidad de Chile, que se ha establecido como un espacio emblemático en la historia artística del país. En sus 75 años de trayectoria -fundado en 1941 con el nombre de Teatro Experimental de la Universidad de Chile- ha acumulado una significativa experiencia en la Creación y la Extensión con el sello de Teatro Universitario.

Theater School of the Catholic University of Chile

Theatrical training center dependent on the Faculty of Arts of the Catholic University of Chile with a long history and tradition. Its objective is to offer undergraduate and postgraduate training of excellence in: teaching, stage creation and in artistic and critical and analytical research. Nowadays this training space maintains a place of relevance within the Chilean theater scene, both through the work of its graduates and in the role its stage art productions have in the national artistic scene.


The Union of Actors of Chile was founded on September 14, 1967, and since then has worked to promote and defend the interests of its members, creating a support network for scenic artists in the country. In 2007, the union inaugurated its own theater located in the Barrio Bellavista, with the aim of contributing to the promotion and development of performing arts in the country.

XX century workshop Yolanda Hurtado

By the end of the 80’s this was a house located in the heart of the Bellavista neighborhood founded by Yolanda Hurtado as a space for theater and arts, today it is presented as a cultural center of Art, Science and Education.

ICTUS Theater, Sala La Comedia

This space was created in 1962 by the theater group ICTUS, a company of historical relevance for the development of performing arts in our country. The members of ICTUS were a group of third-year students of the Theater of the Catholic University (TEUC) that in 1955 decided to leave this space in search of a different theatrical experience.

The strong commitment of ICTUS actors and actresses to the recovery of democracy and the defense of human rights made the company an undisputed reference point in the cultural scene of the post-dictatorship period.

Cultural Center Teatro Del Puente

Independent cultural space that has promoted the creations of young companies since 1988 giving emphasis to the national dramaturgy, spreading the work of those groups that have already started a path in the search of a particular line of work, but that are still in the process of development . In this way the Teatro del Puente has established itself as a space for experimentation and dissemination, giving the audience the chance to discover works that somehow come to “refresh” the national scene.

In addition, this theater is unique (worldwide) because it is located on one of the bridges that crosses the Mapocho River.

Departamento de Teatro de la Universidad de Chile

El Departamento de Teatro es una Institución de formación, investigación, reflexión y difusión del arte teatral, dedicado fundamentalmente al cultivo y la preservación de este lenguaje, mediante la actividad académica integrada y vinculada a la contemporaneidad desde la cultura nacional.

Ubicado en pleno centro de la capital, su edificio está declarado como construcción de interés patrimonial.

DUOC Theater

The Duoc UC Theater room is a space dependent on the Acting Career of the School of Communication of DOUC UC, which is platform for showcasing the work of its students and teachers, as well as other professional theatre companies. Since 2016, the DUOC UC Theater has created an alliance with Teatro La Memoria in order to strengthen the link between emerging creators and companies and consolidated actors that present interesting creative proposals.

Theater School Universidad Finis Terrae

Part of the Faculty of Humanities and Communication, develops a consolidated educational project of academic excellence.  It offers an integral academic formation to future professionals of acting, capables of inserting themself on the theatrical world, with possibilities of expand their workfield, engaging with different areas related. The school encourages the construction of an collaborative artistic community among students, ex-alumni and teachers, through the generation of different projects and instances for creation, extension and connection with the environment.

Some of the rehearsals for the dramatized readings will be carried out in its dependencies.

Sala de artes escénicas, Universidad de Playa Ancha

Ubicada en el sector de la casa central de la UPLA en Playa Ancha, Valparaíso, la sala se abre como un lugar para la difusión de las tendencias actuales de la puesta en escena a nivel nacional e internacional. Un lugar donde el teatro, la danza y la música, puedan desarrollarse en sintonía con la vocación multidisciplinaria de la universidad.

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