Women Playwrights International

What is WPI?

Women Playwrights International


Amy Jephta  – Présidente (Sudafrica)
Marcia Johnson – Vice Présidente (Cánada)
Karen Jeynes  – Secretaria (Sudafrica)
Carolina Quintana –  Coordinador Conferencia (Chile)
Akiro Patricia Olwoch – Member at Large (Uganda /Malawi)
Ninna Tersman – Member at Large (Europa /Suecia)
August Melody Andong –  Member at Large (Filipinas)
Rosemary Johns
Jeannie Haughton – Member at Large (Australia)


Anna Kay France , USA
Jyoti Mhapsekar, India
Lynn Hayes, USA
Linda Parris-Bailey , USA
Julie Holledge, UK, Australia
Malou Jacob, The Philippines
Ratna Sarumpaet, Indonesia
Margareta Skantze, Sweden
Meena Natarajan, USA/ India
Sandra Shotlander, Asutralia
Lene Therese Teigen, Norway
Catherine Fitzgerald, Australia

Women Playwrights International -WPI is an opportunity to meet, to build networks, to create genuine, lasting contacts between women playwrights and theatre professionals.

Our aim is to have an impact by supporting collaborative work between people from different parts of the world.

WPI was founded in 1988 and held its first conference in Buffalo, New York, USA. Two hundred women from over 30 countries were in attendance. Since then,women playwrights have gathered in Ca-

nada, Ireland, Greece, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Sweden and South Africa.

​The 11th conference will be held in Santiago, Chile on October, 2018.


The six goals of WPI are:


  • To extend opportunities for meeting, international networking and artistic exchange
  • To increase and further production opportunities for women’s writing for the stage
  • To encourage, create and assist the education and development of women playwrights and their craft
  • To defend the right of women playwrights to engender their own artistic forms and critical standards
  • To encourage study and informed critique of the work of women playwrights
  • To support women playwrights against censorship and political persecution for the expression of their ideas.


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