Where and when will the conference take place?

The conference will take place in Santiago, Chile from October 7th until October 12th, 2018.

Who can participate?


  • All the selected playwrights.
  • Women-identified people from all over the world interested in dramaturgy and theater.

Which will be the conference’s theme?

The theme for the WPI conference that will take place in 2018 is: territory, society and female playwriting.

We believe that the places in which we live, the imaginaries with which we have evolved, and the role as women that we have in our societies, are decisive issues at the moment of developing our writing.

From this belief, we ask to ourselves the following questions: Does the territory of a country revealed itself in a particular way in playwriting written by women? What are the creative spaces that women have in their daily realities? Are there features, lines, or recognizable memories that allow us to speak of a “female playwriting”? What do women in theater write about? Are there feminine and masculine subjects?  Which factors detonate the writing of women in the world? How do women playwrights from different latitudes perceive the theatrical territory?

These questions allow us to set the stage for the next conference as a diverse thematic range that invites us to reflect on the different edges proposed by the title of this meeting.

That is how, through the readings, we can access to plays that represent the contexts in which they were conceived. The armed conflicts, gender violence, body as a territory of pleasure and battle, the ecological crisis, migrations and cultural exchange; are only some of the proposed topics.

With the roundtables we can deepen on women’s struggles in various fields and historical moments, considering complex issues for our gender, such as civil and reproductive rights, religion and political activism.

On the other hand, workshops and staging offer opportunities to explore and observe the transforming of female poetics into a dramatic texts, and from there to the stage and to the actors bodies.

At last, WPIC 2018 is an invitation for all women around the world to meet each other leaving aside our prejudices and fears, and be able to respectfully exchange, discuss and think about different points of view.

Which will be our corporative image?

The logo has been designed by María Carolina Quintana and is inspired in the Brigade Ramona Parra (BRP) a Chilean aesthetic graphic movement.

Ramona Parra was an activist, member of the Chilean Communist Party who was killed by policeman during a demonstration for the workers’ rights in 1946. She was part of the group in charge of the graphical propaganda of the party, that’s why, after her death, her comrades decided to create this movement in her name. Since then, the BRP murals have been present in each city of Chile. Its style is representative of people’s dreams and struggles. It often represents workers, women, ethnic communities and students’ rights.

Thinking in how to integrate to our corporative image a graphic that is representative of the Chilean visuals, we decided to work on a logo that would honor this movement.  We believe that its’ ethical principles matches with the WPI conference that will take place in Chile, regarding muralism as the symbiosis between culture and urban areas.

In the logo, a woman’s profile with Chilean traces can be recognized, with different shades on her skin that represent women around the world. The image contains different tools used for writing, emerging from the head of the woman, as a way to represent the diversity of our inspiration sources and methods to engage in the art of writing. It is also installed over an ink spot that evokes South America’s silhouette, expressing the cultural unity of our part of the continent.

Which will be the official language of the conference?

The official language of the conference is Spanish. Because of this, we will have translators during

all the activities who will translate everything to English.

The information of the event (media and printed), will be available in English and Spanish.

Why in Spanish?

We want to invite writers from around the world to experience the official language of a whole continent, a language used by more than five hundred million people in the world.


In our program, the play readings will be shown to an open audience, and chilean citizens in general do not have a high proficiency in English.

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