Carla Romero


Actress, director and playwright, who obtained her degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile’s Drama School.

As an actress, she has worked in influential and successful plays in the local scene, such as Guillermo Calderón’s Villa + Discurso and Andrés Pérez’ La Negra Ester, which have been frequently performed in national and international festivals.

As a director, her best known stage laboratory works are 1896 un año par, Dos and Nací, where she explores the field of Dance and experiments with different stage languages, together with the renowned Chilean choreographer Elizabeth Rodríguez.

Thanks to these experiences, Romero was able to write and stage Oriente in 2013, a successful play, well received both from the audience and the critics, and to create the theater group “Colectivo Micro”. In 2014, Curación, a much more experimental work, is shown. In it, sound plays a relevant role.

In 2015, together with “Colectivo Micro”, she writes and directs Tren al sur, that is very successful during its season at the Teatro del Puente.

In 2015 she is invited to the WPIC in Cape Town, South Africa.