Constanza Blanco


Actress, Scenic researcher and Screenwriter. Graduate of the University of Chile Theatre School. Master’s Degree in Theater Studies from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (FONDART 2015) and Master’s degree in script for film and television from the Escola de Cinema of Barcelona (Spain). Her plays that have been produced are: “Helios revolucionado o la sangre del sol”, “Shorizo Hampón”, “Epifanía de un maniquí” and “Kawaii”. She directed two of her own plays: “Mateo 24/7” and “La inevitable victoria de la cucaracha”. She was invited to participate in WPIC 2015 with her text “El Dolchevito”.

Since 2014, she has participated as a scriptwriter of several projects, like “Taller de Video” (Winning Project CNTV 2015), “Muerto Clandestino” (Corfo 2016), among others. She is currently a PhD student of the Theater Studies program of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; screenwriter for Equilibre audiovisual and Story Editor of various audiovisual projects; and developing Ars Dramática, a research project of performative playwriting in the selected to be part of versión of the theater direction program from Santiago a Mil, along with the Goethe Institut version 2018.