Daniela Molina


Actress, director, voice teacher and playwright.

Trained at the University of Chile and double Masters in Theater Studies at the La Sorbonne-Nouvelle University. Specialized in the vocal area both in the practical and theoretical field. Certified vocal technique teacher Roy Hart. Professor of voice at the University La Sorbonne Nouvelle, at the Pantheatre France company and director of the voice line and teacher at L’école de jeu, Paris.

She is a member of Women Playwrights International thanks to the selection of her text Cuervos to participate in the WPIC 2015 conference in South Africa. Her works Animitas and L’autri-chienne have been shown both in Chile and in France. Since 2010, it is based in France.

As director, she direct, with Linda Wise, the show Barro Rojo, award for the best show at the INDIFEST Festival in Santander, Spain.

As an actress, between 2015 and 2016, she performs at M.U.R.S, with La Fura del Baus at the Théâtre de la Villette, at Les Bonnes Dames, with the Swiss company La Patte Blanche, at the Jardins Suspendus at the Théâtre de Belleville, in the work “La Estatua” by Raúl Ruiz at the Teatro del Puente.

Currently, he directs the show TRAVERS in the National Scene of Guadalupe, France and directs the show Jours de Pluie in Paris. As an actress, she prepares for 2019 Mon Petit Poney by Romain Blanchard and Slaughterhouse with the collective Les Bertrands in Paris.