Francisco Herrera Estay

Lighting designer

Lighting designer by profession with more than 15 years of experience in the performing arts area, with training in Chile as in Argentina. In Dance, he has designed works such as Pablo Rotemberg’s La Noche Obstinada, Radicales Libres by Elizabeth Rodriguez, Lautaro and La Morada by Marcela Ortiz de Zárate, Malen by Ricardo Curaqueo, among others. In Theater worked designing Lighting for projects such as Novecento Pianist by Michael Radford , Sigue la tormenta by Hector Noguera and Claudia Echeñique, Oedipus Coros Ciudadanos directed by Angelo Olivier, Sonata for Un Cuervo de Colectivo Bestia, Alcérreca de Teatro La Santa.

He has been Technical Director of the Chilean Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010 and the Chilean Pavilion at the Expo Milan 2015, Technical Director of Teatro Camino (2001-2004), Technical Head Theater of the Universidad Mayor (2004 to 2010) and Technical Head of the Center Cultural Gabriela Mistral (2011 to 2015); Since 2014 he is co-director of the Beast Collective together with Constanza Thümler.