Muriel Miranda


Actress and director, who obtained her degree as Bachelor in Arts with mention in Playacting from the Universidad de Chile. Currently studying the second year of the Magister in visual arts at the same university.

Currently studying the second year of  a Master in visual arts at the same university.

Co-founder and co-director, together of the theater group “Maleza”, from 2004. The group works with the concept of stop-motion in theater and as such, has pioneered in mixing theater and animation movies in its shows. “Maleza” has created a new language in the local scene, thus contributing to the area of visual and interdisciplinary theater. Besides, this relatively young theater group has been able to show its work in many international festivals.

As a playwright, Miranda has worked with diverse text adaptations and she Co-wrote Maleza, a play based on a text written by Karen Bauer. She  also is the co-author of the play Living , written along with the documentalist Maite Alberdi.

She sporadically works as an actress for different theatre companies, as well as a Cultural Manager and teacher.

From 2010 onwards, she is the executive producer of the International Theater Festival “Teatro del Bío-Bío”.

which has been done for 8 years in the VIII region.

In 2015 she attends the WPIC, held in Cape Town, South Africa.